Saturday, May 8, 2010

Five Principles For Orientation And Development Framework reference

1. Pancasila as building orientation
The values ​​contained in Pancasila nationalism can not be so easy to erode, if not because of the behavior of the beings themselves who cause damage. Pancasila is the function member I orientation to the formation of structure social life, political, economic and humane, democratic and fair to all people.
Pancasila precepts, which charged religious values ​​(sila1), human values ​​(sila2), national values ​​(sila3), the values ​​of democracy (4), the values ​​of justice (5), is a unitary organic, harmonious, dynamic, as the orientation of national development in realizing the objectives of national ideals as stated in the opening where the 1945 Constitution.
2. Five Principles As a Framework for the Development of Reference
Pancasila is expected to be metrics / frame of reference to build a model of community or social-cultural order mamperbaharui. The function as a frame of reference that is Pancasila the basis inspire vision to build a feature of cultural order that will come. Building a vision of Indonesian society in the future and as the basic values ​​into socio-cultural reference point

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