Monday, March 29, 2010

Tattoos By the rampant use of Young Children Ages we now

Tattoos By the rampant use of Young Children Ages we now

Tattooing is an art that depicted the human body. There are 2 types of tattoos temporary tattoo temporary tattoo that is if the water is continuously exposed to the painting that is in the body will disappear, the second permanent tatoit of tattoos that can not disappear by itself, should perform minor skin surgery to remove the tattoo exist in the body, and usually mark is not aakan hileng and will imprint-like lesions such as after surgery.Well nowadays many young people who use tattoos in some parts of the body, and it actually damage the skin beauty that should be on guard, but many people use tattoos think that the use of tattoos as a result of overflowing of expression of one's soul that was poured on the person's body. Many people think that tattoos are also identical with the negative life of the tattoo, for example in the ancient times people using tattoos dentik with thugs. So the actual use of the tattoo is not good because in addition to meerusak beauty of the skin, tattoos users are also prone to infections caused during the process of tattooing.The cause of the use of tattoos in today's more because it is to show its existence to others, and now the artispu so many have used tattoos for giving the resale value, it actually gives value to the audience negativ. Sebenarnay few people who use the tattoo is simply to excite a work of art that is poured into a person's body, and and many people who menggunaakn tattoos as a means of prestige because maybe if someone uses a tattoo might aka sianggap sebai interesting people, and vice versa.Sebenranya we can not ban someone for not using a tattoo, because tattoos menggunakna it is the right person, but we can give advice to someone who wants to use permanent tattoos to think about the effect of the use of tattoos tesebut. Because in the Islamic law also mentioned the use of tattoos is prohibited and illegal prayer of repentance, if not do it first. And of that we should provide counseling to others in order not to use a tattoo but do not impose, and show evidence of negative effects from the use of tattoos so if someone who wants to use tattoos will think three or four times to use the tattoos and realize that the use of tattoos also can damage the aesthetics of our body.

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