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1. MerupakanNegara Indonesian archipelago, explain the advantages and disadvantages of the State of the islands.2. In the motto Unity in Diversity what should we do as citizens give concrete examples3. Akhirakhir we always menyaksikanfenomena nature of flooding, especially around jabar (Bandung to Jakarta and surrounding areas) explain the causes of the phenomenon of flooding in the area4. In our country traversed by the world's great mountain path explain this relation and its loss untug5. Explain the process of the Indonesian archipelago (if necessary in complete with pictures)

1. Kepulauaan Indonesia in for the 3 zones namely geologya. the northern border with Asia and its expansion shields south permuakaan sank beneath the sea, known as the Sunda Shelf (called the Asian Plate)b. the west and south is limited by the "continent Gondwana" which consists of India, the basis of the Indian Ocean, Australia, and perluasaannya northward permuakaan sank beneath the water, namely the Sahul Shelf (called the Indo-Australian Plate)c. eastern Pacific Ocean is limited by the base (called the Association of the Pacific Ocean Plate that extends to the southwest).
Plains of Eastern Indonesia (Sahul Shelf) have the same type of rock with rock on the Continent of Australia. Intermediate region between the two plains are called Wallacea RegionJudging from the lines of mountains, Indonesia is situated at the confluence of two young mountain range, which is a series circuit Sirkum Sirkum Pacific and Mediterranean. Therefore, in Indonesia: there are volcano banayk that can enrich the soil, frequent earthquakes, and there is proof that the tertiary rich in minerals, such as petroleum, coal, and bauxite.According to geographical locationIndonesia lies between 6 ° N - 11 º S and 95 º E - 141 º east longitude, between the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, between Asia and Australia Continent, and at a meeting of the two sets of mountains, namely Sirkum Sirkum Pacific and Mediterranean. In this psisi is a very strategic location of this buffer viewed by the following:Indonesia is located in the tropics are the heat evenly throughout the year and only has two seasons, the rainy season and dry season. The absence of winter in Indonesia has caused the life of agriculture, fisheries, and livestock can take place throughout the year.Being situated between two oceans are extremely noisy voyage, coupled with the wealth of flora, fauna, and mineral resources, traffic will be very supportive of trade and increase foreign exchange resources.The location between two major continents has led to Indonesia climate seasons alternately every 6 months, namely the rainy season and dry season, the climate was highly influential both on the plantation business, such as tea, rubber, coffee, tobacco, sugar cane, and so forth. Of course, this makes Indonesia to increase the export of such plantations.Because the region lies in the folds of the young, it is very possible exploitation of mineral resources, such as petroleum, coal, iron, nickel, and others.Teletak Indonesia among the countries that are developing, who are both struggling to create prosperity of their nation. This means that Indonesia has many cooperation partners in development.In the field of social / political, Indonesia can easily relate to other nations and to participate in the political arena of the world.However, this strategic location would not only provide benefits. Here there are also vulnerabilities that invite the emergence of losses, both in the social, economic, cultural, political, and security.According to the location of the maritime and borderLocation of Indonesian maritime or maritime location is very good because the island-shaped region surrounded by three seas beasar, namely: the eastern part of Indonesia against the Pacific Ocean, the southern part of Indonesia berhadpan with the Indian Ocean, and parts of northern Indonesia berhadpan with the South China Sea.The location of such maritime certainly bring a good result for Indonesia, for example, any business or activity in the field of shipping, fishing and port in the territory of Indonesia, Indonesia has caused great economic potential to be developed, and Indonesia has an important position in world politics.There are two kinds of boundaries, namely the natural boundaries (oceans, mountains, rivers) and man-made boundaries (walls, poles, barbed wire). Bordered by the sea means necessary thinking and planning of ports, defense, and fishing effort. It borders with more developed countries will be more profitable. Why is that? Due to the progress made neighboring countries will spur development in the State of Indonesia. Underdeveloped countries can ask for assistance in the field of science and technology in implementing the country's development.Flora, fauna, and humans need each other. Flora and fauna is a food, clothing materials, as well as building material for humans. Flora and fauna shall be maintained to avoid extinction.By understanding the spatial geography of a region can know the characteristics the area. Characteristics in question is a state of nature (fertile, barren, plains, mountains, etc.), livelihood and resident life forms, concentration and distribution of population, culture and social life of the population, and so on.From the above description can be concluded that the factor of geographical location and layout are very important for a region or country. It was very decisive state of physical and socio-cultural and survival of local residents or the state. But it must be supported by citizens of the State to take care of each other.

2. Examples of concrete as citizens in the motto Unity in DiversityThe Meaning of Unity in Diversity is different, but one also that comes from a book or books of essays MPU sutasoma Tantular / professor Tantular. In-depth Unity in Diversity has meaning even in Indonesia there are many tribes, religions, races, arts, customs, language, etc. but still a unity of countrymen and compatriots. United with the flag, national anthem, currency, language and others the same.
Words Unity in Diversity is also found on the emblem of the Republic of Indonesia, namely the Bird Garuda Pancasila. At the foot of Birds Garuda Pancasila gripping a ribbon that reads Unity in Diversity. The words can also be defined: Varies, but still one nevertheless.
In my opinion about this slogan at the time was very faded since its citizens are only concerned with their own affairs without considering the other oaringWe therefore uphold the motto as a student karus Bhenika Tunggal Ika by member seliruh example to citizens by the union rather than with a demo and ended with keributa between students and police.
Especially at this time a very mncuat is commotion among seporter football. That is really memelukan due to differences, win or lose us as seporter must recognize and realize because it is not possible all Meneng or otherwise lost.Let us as a successor nation to correct this bias, although not directly be done little by little at least invested in the new member myself an example to others.
3. Causes of floods in west Java areaFactors causing floods in Jakartaa.) 40 percent of the northern part of Jakarta is lower than the highest tide water level. The extent of around 24 thousand hectares. Then the 15 hectares of which do not yet have an integrated mechanism to cope with flooding. 9000 hectares of new land that can be resolved due to the existing pumps and reservoirs.b.) Low river flow capacity in Jakarta. Despite having 13 rivers, major flooding in Jakarta in 2002, one reason for the narrowing river.c) high intensity rainfall. Not only in Jakarta but also in neighboring areas of Jakarta. For Jakarta, the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) said the rainfall conditions that need to watch out for is when it has more than 100 millimeters in 24 hours. Including high water mark.d) Figures in Jakarta population density is high, reaching 13,004 families per square kilometer.e.) The low awareness of people in Jakarta against cleanliness. Littering still can not be removed from the daily life of most citizens of Jakarta.f.) The low percentage of open green spaces in Jakarta. As a result the ability of soil to absorb water is limited.
Of the factors causing the latticework above we can in the northern part of Java ketahuidaerah empirically land surface always decreases. If in the west Java region frequently flooded areas jawabar wajat because every year it is very rapid population increase. In an area famous jabar banyah company so that people come in droves to try his fortune to find a job. Due to the construction of new buildings and gedng uncontrolled development so that land does not hold that speed amblesnya Kuwat soil Jakarta sihingga in fact the land is below sea level. Also build by not thinking about water infiltration into the soil.
Now about the society, the society generally busy people may not pay attention to what they have done with littering senhingga berakibar on singai berfingsinya not well. With supports high rainfall and rivers that do not multiply supported the potential for very large floods.
Society often blames society jabar bogor a lot of cutting down forests and founded the Fila without thinking of the people under the area but it is actually misleading because the people who founded the Fila ad people who a bear in the area below.
4. Advantages dankerugian gone through a big mountain pathBasically, volcanic eruptions can lead to disaster caused by the presence of:Lava flow, Lahar, Nue ardente (heat clouds), blocks of volcanic rocks in the form of Block and bomb, Tsunami, and poisonous gas. Dikelurkan materials from the eruption of this volcano is destructive to the surrounding environment. At least that people felt was an earthquake, earthquake tu level depending on how the activity of the volcano.
But, on the other hand the presence of mountain, also can provide many benefits to this life. Among the benefits of the existence of mountain, it is as follows:• To serve as habitat for wildlife and plants• Place a very fertile land for agriculture and plantations• A place suitable for the maintenance and breeding cattle• The locus of the absorption (infiltration) and soil water storage (aquifer), which serves as the intake of the surrounding plains aquifer• Place of origin of the river drainage system which can then be used as power plant• As a place mieralisasi various kinds of mineral ores (where the formation of metallic minerals)• As a source of geothermal energy (Geothermal Energy) that which can be used as power plants, space heating, drying agricultural products, certain types of fish farms, until medium hot spring• 'Even in the days of World War II Volcano is used to maneuver warfare'• As a means of recreation
5. process of the Indonesian archipelagothe formation of a mainland or island dipengaruh of the earth in the form of a huge power so as to form a diverse planet. Power comes from within the earth's energy is called endogenous. Workers from outside the earth's energy is called exogenous. Power exogenous destructive form of the earth's surface is built upon endogenous energy.Power endogenous includes tektonisme, volcanism and seisme, whereas exogenous force include erosion and sedimentation.Power exogenous include weathering (weathering) and erosion (erosion). For example, symptoms of volcanismIn my opinion indonesi During the course of endogenous Due formed by Indonesia, which lies in the wedge by 3 large plates. On the basis of geological lectures once described actually bring this country was once united and experienced separation due to plate movement and melting of glaciers. It can be seen with the approach of the Australian continent into Indonesiakarena plate movement, the occurrence of Tsunami, the lifting of the mainland south of the island of Java.The most concrete facts indinesi merupah derived from endogenous or terangkatya power down so that it becomes dsebuah samura archipelagic nation is a stone under the age of thousands epidemic gradually located in a mountainous area in the reef continued.

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