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Definition Satellite and Satellite Types

Definition Satellite and Satellite Types

Satellites are objects that orbit other objects with a certain period of revolution and rotation. There are two types of satellite satellite that is natural and artificial satellites.Satellite Types:• Astronomical satellites are satellites used for observation of planets, galaxies and other outer space objects.• Communications satellites are artificial satellites placed in space with the purpose of telecommunications using radio at microwave frequencies. Most communications satellites use geosynchronous orbits or geostationary orbits, although some recent types using a low Earth orbiting satellite.• Earth observation satellites are satellites specifically designed to observe Earth from orbit, such as reconnaissance satellites but intended for non-military use, such as environmental observation, meteorology, map making, etc..• Satellite navigation is a satellite that uses radio signals are transmitted to receivers on the ground surface to determine the location of a point on the surface of the earth. One of the most popular satellite navigation is the GPS of the United States other than that there is also Russia's Glonass. If the view between satellites and receivers on the ground there is no interference, then by means of a satellite signal receiver (GPS receiver), can be obtained position data in a place with a precision of several meters in real time.• spy satellites are Earth observation satellites or communication satellites used for military purposes or spying.• solar power satellites are proposed satellites built in high Earth orbit that uses microwave power transmission to solar power to shine a very large antenna on Earth that dpaat used to replace conventional energy sources.• Space stations are man-made structures that are designed for human habitation in space. A space station is distinguished from other spacecraft by the absence of the main spacecraft propulsion or landing facilities, and other vehicles used as transportation to and from the station. Space stations are designed for medium-term living in orbit, for periods of weekly, monthly or even yearly.• weather satellites are satellites diguanakan to observe Earth's weather and climate.• Satellite miniature is a lightweight and small satellites. New classification was made to categorize these satellites: satellite mini (500-200 kg), micro satellite (<200 kg), satellite nano (under 10 kg).
Types of Satellite Orbit:Many satellites are categorized on the height of its orbit, although a satellite can orbit at any height.1. Low Orbit (Low Earth Orbit, LEO): 300 - 1500km above the earth's surface.2. Orbit Medium (Medium Earth Orbit, MEO): 1500-36000 km.3. Geosynchronous orbit (geosynchronous orbit, GSO): approximately 36,000 km above the Earth's surface.4. Geostationary orbit (geostationary orbit, GEO): 35 790 km above the Earth's surface.5. High Orbit (High Earth Orbit, Heo): above 36 000 km.
Orbit following is a special orbit which is also used to categorize satellites:• Molniya orbit, a satellite orbit with the orbital period of 12 hours and inclination of about 63 °.• Orbit Sunsynchronous, satellite orbit with high inclination and particular that always crossed the equator on the same local clock.Polar orbit, the satellite's orbit that crosses the polar

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