Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is why I follow my feelings SME Research !!!!!

This is why I follow my feelings SME Research !!!!!
 I followed Peneletian SMEs because of the encouragement and motivation from within my own heart. I think it is the SME research activities that are very useful and beneficial for both me personally and also for others. I think if I follow my mindset Research SMEs will be more widely so that I would not be a retarded person in the things I do not know. I went in SME Research is also anxious to investigate the things that I did not know denngan help older seniors who participated SME Research. Once I know the things that I'm careful I'll expand my research to be useful for many. In addition I actually take the SME research because I dijurusan (pend. Geography) because it requires research as well, I followed the SME Research.
I followed the SMEs in the department of research also because I often make the papers, so if I have difficulty in working on my writing to ask for help at the senior brother in SME Research. For research that I do within their expectations.
I hope for SME Research is in conveying to the juniors meteri it must be clearly so that we can review well too. Therefore, in presenting the material not only indoors but must be with the practice or teaching in the outdoors. So we all do not get bored, for example we examine a mountain we do not just search for materials from the library or the internet but we have to examine the mountain directly. So we can see that research in books and that is the same or not. If there is a difference then that is what we examine, why it happened. Like that method I want in ukm research because the results of our study it can be useful to ourselves and others together.
I hope that after I attended my research ukm to investigate new things that make me finish sekripsi because I have picked many many things from the research I do. I also want to do research and maybe I could develop kalao I wanted to write a book for reading and can benefit from the book that I wrote, it is my goal long term. While short-term goals I attended the SME research is to follow the race-writing competition for me to get scholarship for my parents' burden in financing my college. Maybe it's just a small part of my motivation to follow SME Research. So I expect help from the senior elder for the ideals I had a ukm research can be realized.

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