Friday, July 17, 2009

Kelingkungan Approach (Ecological Approach)

Kelingkungan Approach (Ecological Approach).

In this approach the emphasis is no longer in existence
space, but the linkages between the phenomenon of certain geosfera varaibel the existing environment. In kelingkungan approach, a framework of analysis does not link the relationship between living beings with the natural environment alone, but must also be associated with (1) covered the phenomenon in which natural phenomena and their physical relics of human action. (2) human behavior that include the development of ideas and values ​​of geographical and environmental awareness.
In systematics Kirk indicated the scope of environmental geography as follows. Environmental geography has two aspects, namely the environmental behavior (behavior environment) and environmental phenomena (phenomena of environment). Environmental behavior involves two aspects, namely the development of values ​​and ideas, and environmental awareness. There are two important aspects in the development of values ​​and ideas of geography, the cultural environment of ideas of geography, economic and social processes and changes in environmental values. In an important environmental awareness is changing the natural environment of human knowledge.
Environmental phenomena includes two aspects, namely physical relics of human actions and natural phenomena. Relic physical human action includes placing the order and the human environment as an agent of environmental change. Environmental phenomena including organic products and processes, including population and inorganic products and processes.
Mandalam Studies on the interrelation between the phenomena of certain geosphere in formal areas with kelingkungan variable is then considered as a characteristic of the approach kelingkungan. The six questions of geography was always accompany any form of geographic analysis. Systematics can be described as follows.
The general framework of analysis kelingkungan approach can be exemplified as follows.
The problem that occurs is flooding and landslides in Ngroto Pujon Malang. To study the flood with kelingkungan approach can begin with the following actions. (1) identify the physical conditions at the location where the occurrence of floods and landslides. In the identification also needs to be done in depth, including identifying the type of soil, tropografi, plants, and animals that live in that location. (2) identify ideas, attitudes and behavior of local communities in managing natural at that location. (3) identify the culture systems developed to meet the necessities of life (way of planting, irrigation, etc.). (4) analyze the relationship between culture system with the results and impact. (5) seek alternative solutions for problems that occur.
In the geographic environment, the approach kelingungan got an important role to understand the phenomenon geosphere. With that approach geosphere phenomenon can be understood in a holistic manner so that solutions to problems that arise can also be conceived as well.

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