Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Complex Regional Approach

Complex Regional Approach

The problems that occurred in an area not only involves the elements in the region. The problem is related to elements in other regions, so that the linkages between the regions is inevitable.In addition each problemis not caused by a single factor . Determinant factor is complex. Therefore there is a need to provide a complex analysis to solve problems more broadly and too complex.

To deal with such problems, one alternative to using a complex approach to the region. That approach is a combination of approaches to first and second approaches. Because of its territory as the object beam is multivariate, then the study is hirisontal and vertical. Horizontal study is the emphasis on spatial analysis, while studies that emphasize the vertical aspects of kelingkungan. The differences between one region with other regions has created a functional relationship between the units so as to create a region, complex systems in nature and pengkajiannya require a multivariate approach as well.

The general framework of analysis of complex approach to the region illustrated as follows.

The problem faced is how to solve the problem of urbanization. The problem is a complex issue, involving the two areas, namely rural and urban areas. To solve the problem it can be done in steps as follows.

    1. spatial approach, as exemplified in the first approach
    2. kelingkungan approach, as exemplified in the second approach
    3. analyze the relationship among the factors in rural areas with the city

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