Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Significance Paradigm Approach in Geography

Significance Paradigm Approach in Geography

In the approach, analyzing the symptoms and problems of a science (science), we need a method of approach (approach method). The method is used to distinguish the study of geography with other sciences, although the same object of study. This approach is divided into 3 kinds of approaches including: spatial approaches, ecological approaches / kelingkungan and territorial approaches.

    1. Spatial analysis, which need to be considered is the deployment, use of space and space planning. In monetary affairs analysis of data collected in one place or region of space that consists of point data (point), the data fields (areas) and the data line (line) includes roads and rivers.
    2. Kelingkungan, namely applying the ecosystem concept in studying a problem of geography, the phenomenon, style and physical aspects of the problem has linkages with the human aspect of a space.
    3. Territorial, which is about the spread of the phenomenon studied, styles and problems in the room, the interaction between / variable human and physical environment variables that are interrelated and influence each other. Because the area approach is a combination of approaches to spatial and kelingkungan, then the study is a combination of both.

Spatial approach, the approach kelingkungan and territorial approach in its work is a unified whole. The approach is called integrated approach to geography. So the phenomenon, the symptoms and problems are reviewed for distributing keruangannya, linkages between the various units of ecosystems in space. Application of geographic approach to symptoms and problems can produce a variety of alternatives to solving problems.

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