Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why is there a grouping of countries in the world?

A country has a socio-economic conditions that berbedabeda. There are still depends on other countries, there are merely able to meet its own needs, and some have been able to provide assistance to other countries. The difference this condition causes the state groupings based on their socioeconomic conditions. Contohny countries, like Britain, the United States, France or Germany called developed countries. The progress of these countries can be seen from many metropolitan cities are characterized by the physical condition of many buildings or tall buildings as industrial estates and offices. That is because the majority of the developed economies are relying on industry sectors, services and trade. As for countries like South Africa, India, Pakistan, Laos, Malaysia, and Indonesia including the state-called developing countries. Developing countries in general agrarian nature, because there are still lots of agricultural land found a vast and fertile.• Countries in the world divided into developed and developing countries. A country is classified as a developed country if that country has been able to balance the achievement of development that have been done, so most development objectives have been realized, either physical or nonphysical. While a country is classified as a developing country if that country has not been able to achieve development goals have been set.• The characteristics of developing countries, among others, have various problems of population, productivity, society is still dominated by primary goods, natural resources has not been used optimally, have a dependence on developed countries, the limited public facilities and legal awareness, gender equality and respect for human rights humans is relatively low.• The characteristics of developed countries, among others, to overcome the problems of population, natural resources used optimally, productivity dominated society goods and services produced, the level and quality of life high, exports are done is export of industrial products and services, inadequate provision of public facilities, legal awareness, gender equality and respect for human rights in valued.• Stages in the development of countries by W.W. Rostow is divided into five phases, namely: traditional society stage (traditional society stage), stage of takeoff precondition (precondition for take-off stage), takeoff phase (take-off stage), stage movement toward maturity (drive for maturity stage) and stage consumption high mass (age of high mass consumption stage).• Based on the characteristics of developed and developing countries, Michael Todaro divide the region countries in the world into two regions namely Northern region to refer to developed countries and the South region to refer to developing countries.• Examples of advanced countries, namely Japan and the United States, while the sample of developing countries are Brazil and Egypt.

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