Sunday, March 27, 2011

sites of historic heritage in Saudi Arabia just by using Google Earth.

An archaeologist had identified nearly 2,000 sites of historic heritage in Saudi Arabia just by using Google Earth.

Launched by the Telegraph on Monday (07/02/2011), professor of history from the University of Western Australia, David Kennedy, claimed to have never visited Saudi Arabia. But just by relying on Google Earth satellite maps he has shown approximately 1977 regions that have the potential to have archaeological sites, including a 1082 tear-shaped stone artefacts.

"I've never been to Saudi Arabia. The country is not easy to enter, "said Dr. Kennedy.

Dr. Kennedy claims to have verified the image that shows the actual archaeological site by asking a friend who worked in the Kingdom to take pictures of the location in question.

The use of satellite imagery has been widely used in Britain to look for Roman relic sites in the UK and also the history of Nazca in Peru and the Mayan ruins in Belize.

But some archaeologists have been given access to Saudi Arabia, which has long been hostile to the discipline. Hardline clerics in the kingdom worried by the possibility of archaeologists focus on the civilization that existed and developed before the advent of Islam. Thus, in the long run, research archaeologist was feared would damage the state religion.

In 1994, a Saudi cleric council is reported to have issued a decree stating that preserving historical sites "could lead to polytheism and idolatry '. The two things that can lead to the death penalty under the laws of the Arab kingdom ..

Ruler of Saudi Arabia, in recent years, allowing archaeologists to excavate several sites, including ruins of the spectacular sites Maiden Saleh, who is not widely known. Maiden Saleh consists of 2,000 old town which marks the strength of Nabataean civilization.

But unfortunately, most of the access to ancient sites is limited by the Arab government.

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