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step by step how to create a blog below

step by step how to create a blog below
1. All you have to prepare and shall before making or make a blog on blogspot (blogger) is to have the email first. This email will be used to register the first time. if you can not or do not make email read here (click here), there was presented earlier about the steps to make email. Relax do not rush. Read this guide to run out first, and then practiced. okay
2. If you have created an email, go to address, and make sure that emerges is the website as below
cara membuat blog

how to create a blog

then click the arrow labeled orange CREATE YOUR BLOG

3. After that the page will appear as below

how to create a blog

in column e-mail address: input your email
retype email address: input again the same email as above

input a password: isiakan key lens (at least 8 characters, letters can be numbers)
typing reset your password: enter password again which you have input the same as above

Display name: fill your name or your alias name (this will appear bersamaa by posting, article that you created)

Verification: enter the word that there are pictures above the field.

in the picture above I have included examples of filling

if you've filled all and click the arrow orange (continue)

4. Then will appear like this
how to create a blog

Fill out in accordance with Title Blog keinginannmu
content is also a blog address in accordance with your wishes as well, if your address to use 2 or more words. pisahlah with a dot (.) or sign (-). because they can not use spaces.

example of such filling this picture

sometimes we write a blog address already used by another person, if already in use someone else means can not be used. To know other people have worn alone or belumKlik link "check availability" if you have not used anyone else, then under it will appear in green text that reads this Alamatblog available

how to create a blog

if it is click the continue menu

5. After you click the menu proceed .. This page will appear as
how to create a blog

It is the template design window. to choose just click one. menu and then click continue, then what emerges is a picture like this
how to create a blog

with once you have finished making a blog .... now lives filled with the article you just ..

6. Okay we just learn to fill the article ... Click the arrow buttons Start Blogging
it will appear like the picture below, the picture below is an example of an article charging
how to create a blog

Column headings for the title of the article
in the wide column beneath it to write your article
and labels to fill the type of Category articles.

if you've filled all then press the menu publish POST, if it appears like this

then you have successfully created a single article, to view click menu See BLog

then the show will be like this
how to create a blog

if it appears like that .. means you have completed and successfully create a post

7. One time if you want to post a new article again, you do not need to register again ... just open https: / / / start, then
enter your email and password you just, then click the menu "enter" and you will be brought to the dashboard menu,

a moment later you will enter on your blogger dashboard, where you can edit, make a post, or arrange settingblog you.

how to create a blog

and the last, so you can use your blogger account in full, do not forget I used to confirm your blogger. how to check the email you used to register, there will have one dariblogger email containing a confirmation link. click the link, like the image below

how to create a blog

after you click that link, you will be directed to a page as shown below, indicate your blogger account has been confirmed.

how to create a blog

8. Oh yes, if you already have an email in Gmail. tida you need to register from the beginning ... but just enter your gmail email address and your password, then click the menu entry.

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