Sunday, March 27, 2011

Put Google Adsense Ads code

I. Put Google Adsense Ads code on your sidebar:

1. Prepare the google adsense javascript code that you put on your blogspot.

2. Login to your account

3. Go to the Dashboard and select the layout.

4. Select add the gadget in your sidebar for example.

5. After the new window pops up and there are lots of gadgets options page elements there, select HTML / javascript.

6. Fill up your titles and content with the adsense code that you have prepared earlier.

7. Save and set the location of the position of adsense as you want.
8. Done.

II. How to Put Google Adsense on Postings

One thing to note is the placement of adsense google adsense adsense.Diharapkan proper placement will provoke interest in the reader to mengkliknya.Salah an appropriate placement is at the top or bottom of the posting of such blog.Dengan adsense placement you will be easily visible and fishing for this diklik.Berikut how to Install Google Adsense at the beginning and end of a blog post.

Because the google adsense code in the form of script code that will be placed on posts then the first HTML script code was changed by using MS.FrontPage

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