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Atmospheric window is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be through the atmosphere and reaches Earth's surface. Atmospheric window that most people had known and most widely used in remote sensing up to now is the visible spectrum is limited by the wave of 0.4 μm to 0.7 μm.Another atmospheric window up to 14 μm wavelength is scattered in small parts. A relatively large atmospheric windows located in the vicinity of the wavelength of 4 μm, the largest being situated between the wavelength of 8 μm - 14 μm. two atmospheric windows that include the thermal infrared spectrum.Another atmospheric window that is larger microwave spectrum, namely the wavelength of 0.1 centimeters. Spectrum is used in remote sensing with radar systems.
KINDS OF WAVES AND lengthWaves are a form of vibration which propagate in a medium. In the creeping wave is the wave, not the substance of medium instrumentality. One wave length can be seen by calculating the distance between the valleys and hills (tranversal wave) or the distance between one density menhitung with one renggangan (longitudinal wave). Wave velocity is the distance traveled by a wave in one second. Various kinds gelomban

According to the vibration direction:Transverse wave is the wave vibration direction perpendicular to the direction rambatannya. Example: The waves on the rope, water surface waves, gelobang light, etc..Longitudinal wave is the wave vibration direction parallel to or coincides with the direction rambatannya. Example: sound waves and waves in the spring.
According to the amplitude and phase:Traveling wave is a wave of similar amplitude and phase at every point through which gelombng.Gelombng stationary (stationary) is the wave amplitude and phase changes (not together) at any point through which the waves.According to the medium of instrumentality:Wave mechanics is the wave propagation in the medium requires an intermediary. Nearly all the waves are mechanical waves.Electromagnetic wave is the wave propagation in the medium does not require an intermediary. Example: gamma ray (γ), x-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared, radar waves, TV waves, radio waves.General equation of waveMagnitudes in a wave of similar magnitudes are owned by the vibration, among others, period, frequency, speed, phase, amplitude. There is one quantity that is owned by the wave but not owned by the vibration, the wavelength.Stasioner wave (quiet)These stationary waves can occur because of interference (merging of two waves of the incoming wave and reflection).Wave reflections that occur can be a reflection of the end of the fixed and can also reflective reflecting a continuation of the incoming wave (permanent phase), but if the reflections that occur at the end of the fixed, the wave reflecting experience reversal phase (different phases of 1800) against the wave of dating.Causes of ocean waves occur is influenced by several factors follows:1. Wind speed2. Old wind blowing and the vast area affected3. The depth of sea water4. The presence of skin vibration of the earth on the ocean floor5. But the main factor for the wind and earthquake

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