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Field Study (Field Study)

 Field Study (Field Study)
Today a general impression, that geography dapandang as science whose task was to memorize the geosphere phenomena, such as a city, region, islands, rivers, population, mining products, agricultural products and others who need to know students outside of the head. Nuances such learning is not only attractive, but also causes the field of geography as a field of science can not develop optimally both theoretically and practically. Presentation pelajarab monotonous nature of geography, both in terms of selection methods as well as situations and conditions in the classroom also affects the lack of student interest and motivation which ultimately affects the achievement percapaian less than the maximum.

There kemungkunanbesar classroom learning as a fair place but really boring, there is a possibility that the material be provided by "naturally" have been so but still needs to be linked with the daily life of our students for manjadi bermankan. There may also be a way of teaching that is correct but sesngguhnya students want a variety of ways and not-that's merely. Perhaps many students are actually intelligent but in the midst yng less supportive environment. Another problem is that the approach in the learning process is still too dominated by the teacher (teacher conterad). Teachers menenpatkan more participants themselves as objects and not as a subject students. Education gives us less opportunity kepad learners preformance various mat lessons to develop the ability to think holistically (whole), creative, objective, and logical. Learning activities during the only place in the classrooms by utilizing learning resources are monotonous, and yet take advantage of activities outside the classroom (outdoor activities), so that teachers have difficulty implementing a variety of learning activities. Seeing this reality, outdoor activities are also known as setudi biyasanya field (field study) may be an alternative for the enrichment of learning resources. (Http://

Dalm technical manual development of BSNP syllabus listed on the characteristics of geography lessons. Based on scientific setruktur geography is a discipline that examines the phenomenon of surface earth challenge or geosphere. If likened to geography as a tree of knowledge, then as the roots are the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and antroposfer, is that the branches are the physical geography and human geogarfi. While the geographic scope of material to learn about the location, spatial relationships, character danperubahan the earth's surface. To achieve the necessary competencies learned through setrategi dikembengakan, approaches, and methods of effective learning and fun. Students need to get the experience meaningful, long lasting and is not something that are verbal. Learning will be more meaningful if students interact directly with existing learning resources in their environment. Learning experience made the students in the classroom and outside the classroom, can also merupakn a physical or mental activity in interacting with instructional materials and learning resources. The point is that the spirit of learning geography is a field study. (Http://

Based on the principles of geography, it is clear that geography pengtahuan obtained through research. One method is to study geography field study. Setudi field is observed directly in the field that is useful to know and understand the surface bumiserta human activity. This method is done by plunging directly observe objects in the field. By conducting field studies will know the special characteristics of the surface. (Http://smamuhammadiyahtasikmalaya

One of the problems that need to be at break is less than optimal learning geography. From the sharing of existing penyabab, one of the reasons that require attention are related to student interest in geography lessons. Most students lack beminat in learning geography because teachers are still using the lecture method so that the material taught in a verbal / rote. We realize that one of the weaknesses of the method when applied to a purely lecture is not actively involve students in the learning process as a result of such material is less interesting. The effort is expected to maningkatkan student interest in geography lessons go round by applying the method or methods out door study outside the classroom (field study) by giving students assignments. (Http:// Methods outdoor study (setudi field) is where gur invite students learn outside the classroom, to see the events on the ground in order to familiarize students with the environment. Through the method of field study outside the school environment can digumankan as a source of learning. The teacher's role here is as a motivator, it means the teacher as a guide for students to learn actively, creatively and familiar with the environment. Field study methods in geography lessons as a means to foster creativity initiative, independence, cooperation or mutual assistance and meningkarkan interest in geography ( Thus the expected field study method in teaching geography to mengkatkan class X student learning outcomes SMA N 1 Petanahan.

The selection environment outside of school as a learning resource would be adjusted with the lesson material. In a geography lesson all matter is actually very suitable when using outside the school environment (nature) as a learning resource for studying natural and human geography and ineteksinya.

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