Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The main cause

The main cause

Monsoon rains can cause flooding in the countries near the equator such as Bangladesh, because of the long rainy season there.The storm also caused flooding in several ways, including through the large waves that can reach 8 feet tall. In addition, there are also storm precipitation associated with storm events. Eye of the storm has a very low pressure, so sea level may rise a few meters in the eyes of thunder. Coastal flooding as is often the case in Bangladesh.Seafloor earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that formed the island of craters (such as Thera or Krakatau) can trigger a huge wave called a tsunami that caused flooding in coastal areas.Factors Causing Flooding (1)In previous writings have been told what it was flooding and flood jenis2. But why how can the floods ...Well now we try to pick out why flooding can occur.Basically it is caused by the overflow of flood water flow that occurs in the channel or river. It could happen anywhere, place a high or low a distinguished place.At the surface of the earth's water falls in the form of rain (precipitation), then the water will flow through a lower place or sugai2 saluran2 in the form of surface flow (run off) most will enter / seep into the soil (infiltration) and partly will evaporate keudara (evapotranspiration).In fact flooding is a natural event in the flood plain area, why can naturally? Because of the flood plain formed by the flood event. Flood plains are formed by derah from sedimentation (precipitation) flooding. When floods occur, not only water but also tanah2 brought from the river flow downstream. Flood plains are usually formed in the area pertemuan2 river. As a result of this sedimentation event, flood plains is a fertile area for agriculture, has a shallow ground water that is well suited for residential and urban areas.It was natural causes ... reply. now we see who are not natural or the result of changesThere are two factors why the flooding occurred changesFirst it changes the environment in which the inside is climate change, changes in geomorphology, geological changes and spatial changes. And the second is a change from the community itselfRain is the main factor causing flooding. Climate change rain patterns changed which led to the current rains that occur have a short time but high intensity. Due to these circumstances imaginable saluran2 can no longer accommodate the amount of surface flow and rapid tanah2 experiencing saturation.

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