Sunday, August 10, 2008

Essentials of Geography

Essentials of Geography

To get a more profound concept in the following description will discuss the essence of geography. By Karl Ritter that the geographical study of the earth as a human habitation. In concept, as a human habitation with regard to space that has a structure, patterns, and processes that formed by human activity.

In addition, the concept of "human habitation" is not confined to the earth's surface occupied by humans, but also the earth's surface areas that are not inhabited by humans throughout the place was important for human life.

Based on the idea that geography studies meluputi every phenomenon there is the surface of the earth, both natural organic and inorganic nature that has to do with human life. organic and inorganic symptoms were analyzed peyebarannya, development, interelasinya, and their interactions.

As a field of science, geography always see the phenomenon in the context of the overall space. Symptoms in the space carefully considered. Attention was done by always assessing natural factors and human factors, and relevance both of which form a spatial integration in the area concerned. Symptoms - interrelation-interaction - spatial integration into the essence of the main framework of geography. The framework of analysis always uses geography questions.

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