Monday, August 18, 2008

Erosion Prevention

Erosion Prevention
Erosion can not be prevented completely because it is a natural process. Prevention of erosion is a business control excessive erosion which can lead to disaster. There are many ways to control erosion, among others:
1. Soil Processing
The area of ​​cultivated land well with the planting of crops, plants that regular arrangement will reduce the level of erosion. See Figure 11.

2. Iron Frame Wall Stone Installation
By making a stone wall with iron wire frame on the edge of the river to reduce erosion of river water. See picture

3. Reforestation Back
That is to return a forest area in the state it was from a state that has been damaged in several places, as seen in the picture
4. Rough Stone Stone Placement along Pinggir Beach

5. Making or breaking wind waves
Trees planted several trees that line to reduce the power of the wind.

6. Making Terrace Slope Land
Land Terrace serves to strengthen the resilience of the soil against erosion force.

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