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Type of Erosion Type

Type of Erosion Type

Erosion there are several kinds according to the occurrence of which are:1. Erosion Due to Serious StyleRock or sediment that moves on the slope is a process of erosion caused by gravity mass. When the mass moves from a high place to low place then there was what is called the mass disposal. In the process of erosion, mass disposal has an important role because the water flow to move material to places that are much lower. This process occurs continuously mass pembungan either gradually or abruptly so that it can cause landslides.Steep mountain slopes and contain clay around the area that was cracked would be very vulnerable to erosion due to gravity. This erosion will take place very quickly so it can cause landslides.

2. Erosion by WindStrong winds blowing constantly in the arid region can move fine particles of rock in the area so as to form a formation, such as sand dunes in the desert or the beach.Another effect of wind is that if hard particles are carried away and collide with other solid objects causing erosion called abrasion. In figure 6 can be seen examples of erosion by the wind which caused the sand dunes in Namibia, Africa.
3. Erosion by WaterIf the level of excessive rainfall so that soil can not absorb rain water, and there was a pool of water that flows fast. This water flow often causes severe erosion because it can erode the soil surface layer in its path, especially on the bare ground. In figure 8 can be seen that due to water erosion that occurred in El Paso County, Colorado, United States.

Basically, water is the main factor causing erosion as the flow of a rushing river. The faster the water flows faster objects that can be eroded. Fine sand can move with speed of 13.5 km per hour which is the critical erosion velocity. The river water can erode the banks of the river in three ways: first hydraulic forces that can move sediment layer, both water can erode the sediment by removing and dissolving and the third ion particles in the water hitting the rock bottom and mengikisnya. Water also can erode in three places, namely along the river, the river bed and the slopes above the stream.Erosion can also occur due to sea water. Currents and tidal waves of the sea including sea is a factor causing erosion on the edge of the ocean or beach. Due to currents and wave energy is the force that can move the rock or sediment beaches.
4. Erosion by IceThis erosion occurs due to displacement of rock particles because of ice flow that occurred at the riverside. Actually the ice is moving greater strength than the water. For example, glaciers that occur in cold regions where water enters into the pores of the rock and then the water freezes into ice at night so that the rock becomes cracked and broken, because the nature of the expanding ice in the pores.

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