Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to write your blog content to be like it was pretty easy

How to write your blog content to be like it was pretty easy. Take a good look ya: First you need to target the so-called cool Keywords or terms are keywords. For example, someone searches on Google by typing the word "Business Blog" then yes the key word Business Blog (for this example only). Of course this keyword nearly infinite. You want your blog found in people with what keyword? then write your keywords with simple rules as follows:

    * Put Your Keywords in Your Article Title
    * Put your keyword is in your article description. Description Meta Tag is reflected in the group on the header of your blog. Technical little hell indeed the explanation. But if you're using WordPress based like my blog then you can simply use the plugins All In One SEO Pack which allows you to write a description as you want. Or you can also put keywords at the beginning-the beginning of your article, then about 85 words at the beginning of the article will automatically become Description them.
    * Place Keywords are also just now in the group named meta Keywords. Description Just as before, if you use a blog with wordpress script then you can put it on the Categories or Tags in your posts.
    * Finally, place your keywords as well earlier in the content (body) articles that you write in proportion, that is, not too little and not too much. I often use about 4 to 8 percent of keywords in the content spread across several paragraphs.

Finish laying keywords deh way to write for your blog EASIER identified and found on Google. Free my own article, the key word was free, depending on what keywords you want to shoot of course.

The above activities are called by ON-PAGE SEO, it means preparing your blog INTERNAL (with the last article) to be ready well indexed by Google and other search engine like Yahoo, MSN, and so forth.

There is one more task you need to do is write well but Writing Outside Your blog about your blog. That means making the entrance to your blog from the blog welcome. The entrance is then called as Inbound Links or better known as backlinks only.

Building backlinks can do yourself for example by advertising elsewhere, exchanging links with friends, contribute articles to other blogs that contain backlinks to your blog and so forth. Can also be done voluntarily by others, for example because they like with your blog. It could also buy links, for example, you can also write menyenggarakan contest prize is one of the conditions in which participants article link to your blog. All that was intended to build backlinks.

Activity above named OFF-PAGE SEO, this means that your blog OUTDOOR. Just really, to write well. So if the On-Page SEO was written in your blog then the Off-Page SEO means writing out your blog.

That the requirements of writing for your blog easily found in major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and others earlier.

Then how to get a high position, or katanlah go to 10 on the first page of search results on Google?

The answer is simple: you have to win in the On-Page and won at the Off-Page Seo earlier.

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