Tuesday, September 28, 2010

geography is the study [on] the earth in all of its variations

geography is the study [on] the earth in all of its variations. when you study geography, you learn about earth'sland, water, and the [factory / plant] and animal life. you examine the [where / if] the people are, how they [live / live], and what [that] they do and believe. you have creted primarily concerned with the place and try to under stand how and why they are different.
experts to study earth earth [like; as; when] people's homes. five themes of geography-location, place, human / environment interaction, movement, and region - is used here to help you think like an expert earth.
in (in) geography, [tool / meaning] placement of knowing [where / if] you are. each p; ce on [upon] the earth can be given a proper positon on [upon] the earth ball, which [is] [is called] his absolute placement. to assist experts to mark the placement of absolute earth somewhere, qa network or grill [from; about] the form of an imaginary placed on [upon] the earth.

equator equator is an imaginary line that circlles earth midway between [a] sounth north pole and pole. [It] dive earth into two hemispheres of the earth, or splitting in two. hemishere the north includes all land and water bettwenen equator and north pole [it]. sourthern hemisphere includes all land and water between [a] the equator and south pole.

latitude and longitude of other forms of fantasy [call / contact] form of latitude, or parallels, circle the earth parallel to the equator. they measure the distance north or south of the equator in the (in) degree level. equator appointed [as; as] 0, and poles [it] are3 on 90 north and 90 south.
the form of longitude, or meridians, [ran / runs] from the north pole to south pole [it]. they numbered in the (in) degrees east or west of a line beginning [call / contact] prime meridian [it] is the date the international, or 180 lines of longitude.
the form of latitude and longitude croos each other in the (in) from a grill system.if [that] you know an exact place of latitude north or south of the equator, and east longitude [which] his right or to the west meridian key, you can [which] easily mark forgiveness [that] lokation (concerning) the place was on the [above] a map of the globe.
relative placement [that] you can put a place to identify how much and in the (in) what direction [that] [it] is from somewhere
other than that it is [is called] relative placement becausu [that] you're learning [where / if] a place somewhere in the relationship with other places.

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