Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lithosphere (Setruktur Skin Layers of Earth)

 Lithosphere (Setruktur Skin Layers of Earth)
Lithosphere derived from the Greek lithos meaning rock, and spheira means layers. Lithosphere of the earth's crust that most outside and consists of rocks with an average thickness of 1,200 km. lithosphere consists of 2 parts:
1. Pesky layer of the earth's crust is composed of silicon and aluminum metal, its compounds in the form of SiO2 and Al2O3. In pesky layer (silicon and aluminum), there is another anntara sedimentary rocks, granite andesite jinis-type metamorphic rocks and other rocks that terdapa on the continent.
2. Sima layer (silicon magnesium) that the earth's crust is composed of silicon metal and magnesium compounds in the form of SiO2 and MgO layer has a greater density than the layer of bad luck because it contains iron and magnesium are minerals ferromagnesium and basaltic rocks. This layer is a material that is elastic and has an average thickness of 65 km.
Important things that we know related to lithosphere:
1. Rock-forming lothisfer
a. Igneous
There are 2 different types of igneous rock, the igneous rocks in (eg granite) and igneous rocks outside (eg andesite stone.)
b. Sedimentary rocks
There are several kinds of sedimentary rocks, the clastic sedimentary rocks which is a mixture of crushed igneous rock (eg, breccia, conglomerate, and sandstone), Sediment deposition from one chemical form of dissolution (eg limestone, and jade), sediment deposition in the form of residual-organic the remaining animals and marine plants (eg limestone and coral).
c. Metamorphic rocks (metamorphic rocks)
Adlah metamorphic rocks or metamorphic rocks change shape (eg limestone / calcite transformed into marble, quartz rocks into quartzite)
2. Utilization of the lithosphere
Earth's lithosphere is the part that directly affect the lives and has enormous benefits for life on earth. Upper lithosphere is a place for human living animals and tumbuahan. Human activity in the upper lithosphere. Furthermore, the lower lithosphere contain minerals that are beneficial to human life. Minerals or mining from the bottom of the lithosphere in antaranyanminyak and gas, gold, coal, iron, nickel, and tin. Seeing the benefits of such a large lithosphere is sepantasnyalah we are always grateful to God Almighty.

3. Shape Earth's surface
Why form the earth's surface is uneven? This is because adnya influence from outside the earth and the earth itself. The influence of the earth in the form of a huge power so as to form a diverse planet. Tenag derived from endogenous in the development of the Earth called the energy. Workers from outside the earth's energy is called exogenous. Power exogenous destructive forms of the earth's surface that is built upon exogenous energy. Power exogenous includes tektonisme, volcanism, and seisme. Power exogenous include erosion, pengndapan and weathering (weathering).

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