Thursday, July 24, 2008

Essential Concepts of Geography

Essential Concepts of Geography

The concept is a notion which refers to something. The concept of a field of science is essential notions to express or abstract patterns menggambaran essential phenomena of the material object of a science field of study. Therefore the basic concept is an important element in understanding the phenomena that occur.

In geography identified a number of essential concepts as follows.

According Whiple there are five essential concepts, namely:

   1. Earth as a planet
   2. variations in the way of life
   3. variations in natural areas
   4. regions for human meaning
   5. importance of location in understanding world events

In expressing the concept of geography that must always be associated with distribution, relation, function, form, process occurrence, and so forth. For example expression the concept of "variation of the way of life" should at least terabstraksikan livelihoods, the formation process of livelihoods, the spread of livelihood, the total working population in each of livelihoods, and livelihood dynamics it.

According to J Warman there are fifteen essential concept, namely:

   1. region or regional
   2. layers of life or the biosphere
   3. man as a dominant ecological factor
   4. globalism or the earth as a planet
   5. spatial interaction
   6. area relationship
   7. area equation
   8. different areas
   9. unique area
  10. dispersal area
  11. relative location
  12. comparative advantage
  13. changes continuously
  14. culturally limited resources
  15. above the earth round or flat paper map

By using these concepts can be expressed a variety of symptoms and the various problems that occur in the environment around us. The use of concepts that will facilitate the understanding of cause and effect, relationships, functions, processes the occurrence of symptoms and everyday problems. Furthermore from the fact it developed into an abstraction, composed models or theories related to the symptoms, problems and the fact that they face. If there is one problem can be tried arranged alternative model solutions. Meanwhile, if facing a life that needs improvement kenyaan tarapnya, it can be prepared model and pattern of life development. Of the various concepts that can be composed of a high-level rules which apply in general and the so-called generalization.

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